Web App Development
If your company is in need of a web app created using modern web development tools, I can do the job for a fair price. I can also make widgets that are part of a more traditional site such as a calendar, chat messaging box, or anything else you can think of.
I prefer to work with React.js and Node.js for front and back ends, but I can learn any technology that is needed for the job. My apps are built using minimal code and modern frameworks to get the job done in a timely manner. My apps also look good because I have a strong foundation in traditional web styling using basic HTML and CSS.
Algolia Hacker News Search Clone screenshot Algolia Hacker News Search Clone screenshot
This is a app I created which is a clone of the popular Algolia Hacker News site and represents where I am as a developer. It's written from scratch and uses the Algolia Hacker News API to pull data from the AHN site. This was a recommendation by Dave Ceddia I found online.
Weather App screenshot Weather App screenshot
This is a pretty simple app I created in a couple days and represents what I can do for small websites that need a quick app or widget that you can add to an already exsisting site. This app pulls data from openWeatherMap.org. It pulls a 3-hour forecast because that's the free option. Note: this app does not look good on small screens - just warning you :)